About Us

Please feel free to contact us anytime for any info and things you want to know. STG will give you our proffesional opinion and make sure you get the best for your money.

Somethings you should know about Switch to Green: 

- We are happy to say we cover all areas in  Limpopo.

- We have over 7 years experience in doing qaulity installations.

-We do installations and maintenance of most of your solar needs and will gladly assist any time of day.

- -All our staff are expertly trained and ready to assist.

- We have a very strict policy on customer service and with us you are number 1.

- We also do general maintenance and offer great service plans to keep everything working in its best shape.

STG (Switch to Green) solar solutions CC is Situated in Mokopane, Limpopo Province. The company was started 2009 in order to create an efficient, cost effective and reliable solar solution, to harness the abundant sunlight that South Africa enjoys. By designing systems to cater for South African conditions it could allow people to benefit by having a FREE continuous energy supply.

Switch to Green has done numerous projects for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Rural development.

STG has aligned itself with local manufacturers and international suppliers who have a solid track record and proven success in their industries. STG supplies high quality products and professional solutions to meet the expectations and requirements of a greener South Africa.

​S.T.G has also launched a plumbing and maintenance side to the business as we saw the need for this service. We now offer plumbing and general maintenance services. We do hiring of mobile toilets for long term projects and smaller events. The supply of toilet paper in general has also become part of you work. 

S.T.G management team and associated consultants are all experts in their respective fields. Representatives and Installation teams undergo extensive training of the product range to ensure that our customers are supplied with provisional and technical service and advice.

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